Bacon & Tomato Wild Garlic Tagliatelle

I don’t often pick up the ‘special buys’ in Aldi, normally I cruise along sticking to my little list…but this week, eldest son spotted a bag of ‘wild garlic tagliatelle’ and although yes it was a little pricier than the standard stuff, I simply couldn’t say no to his puppy-dog eyes!


And so this recipe was born.

Total cost approx £2.69

Serves 4 @ 63p each


1 onion, chopped (5p)

1/2 pack Tesco British bacon (75p)

Aldi 400g tin chopped tomatoes (31p)

2 cloves garlic (6p)

1.5 tsp mixed Italian dried herbs (2p)

Splash of balsamic vinegar (1p)

500g bag of wild garlic tagliatelle from Aldi (£1.49)


Cut the bacon into strips and dry fry in a deep sided frying pan for 5mins.

Add the onion and stir, fry until onion is going translucent. If things start to stick to pan add a splash of water.

Set a pan of salted water on to boil for the pasta.

Add the tomatoes to your onion mix.

Add the garlic (crushed)

Stir about and season with salt, pepper and the vinegar to taste.

Leave on a gentle simmer whilst you cook the pasta to pack instructions.

Top tip: swirl a splash of garlic oil into the tomato mix for the last couple of minutes. Not essential but brings out the flavours!

Serve the tomato mix/sauce on top of the drained tagliatelle!



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