Chunky Minestrone

Chunky Minestrone £1.11 per person You can’t beat a hearty bowl of soup when there’s a chill in the air….but soup doesn’t always cut it for a midweek meal and I don’t want to be raiding the biscuit tin just a few hours later… But this is a real bowl of goodness, heaps of chunky […]

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Cheesy Broccolli Pasta with a hint of Chorizo

Cheesy Broccoli Pasta – 34p per person The kids love pasta…..One kid loves cheese…..One kid loves chorizo……and I always love to bring veg into their meals. Hence this meal I knocked up this week. It’s very simple- the first thing I need to make sure you can do is to make a cheese sauce. If […]

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Coq Au Vin – How Very FRENCH of me!!!

Coq Au Vin – £1.43 This was my all time favourite recipe when I was a child. I guess it reminded me of summer holidays spent in France….or it might just be because the only thing my mum could get me to eat was chicken and mashed potato! Roll on 20 (plus) years and it is […]

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Baked Camembert – My Lazy Supper

Date night supper/starter 64p per person A bit of a confession here….. Last Saturday night the husband was planning on treating the two of us to a Chinese Takeaway (he was feeling generous!)….but he’d forgotten about some fish that he’d lifted out the freezer the day before that NEEDED eating! Never one to waste a thing, […]

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Super Smokin’ Bacon and Tomato Spaghetti

Saturday night I always aim to cook something special once the kids have been trundled off to bed and we can have some ‘adult’ time. My husband doesn’t like pasta. Well he likes the taste but he objects to the amount of carbohydrates it involves (more of this means he has to have less beer!!!) […]

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