Pepperoni Pizza Potatoes

Another Mid-Week Meal that was both DELICIOUS and FRUGAL…..double whammy! Husband has worked the cost out to be approx 47p a head INCLUDING the side salad and sauce (see my other recipe for homemade MARINARA SAUCE) Pizza Potatoes 1 Baked Potato per person – I bought a massive bag of spuds from Aldi this week […]

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Packed Lunch Cake

I’m in the process of working out whether or not I can save money by packing a lunch up for the kids instead of paying… Currently the little one gets a free school lunch (he is only 4 – thank you Government) but for the eldest son I pay £2.10 a day for Little one however […]

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Brie and Onion Relish Tartlets

I’ve had a knock-on effect of leftover recipes….and if you read my last post MINI BEEF PIES you will know that I had a bit of shortcrust pastry left that I simply thought was rude to throw away! I checked the fridge….found some leftover brie from the Christmas cheeseboard and a jar of caramalized onion […]

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Mini Beef Pies

If you read my last blog BEEF IN BEER you will know that there were some leftovers. I love thinking of new ways to get rid of leftovers and so decided to make some mini beef pies I made up a batch of shortcrust pastry. I always used to buy shortcrust pastry (probably because of lots […]

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Beef in Beer

Ok so yesterday was productive!!! After making the Tuscan Onion Soup for lunch I got started with making the stew for dinner. With all that poultry we’ve consumed over the festive period I have been crying out for some red meat! My tastebuds have really had their heart set on a Roast beef dinner but […]

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Tuscan Onion Soup

Sundays I like to potter about, mainly in the kitchen. If we haven’t had a large breakfast I usually make a hearty soup for lunch….and then we walk the dog and watch movies….pretty simple really Today I made Tuscan Onion Soup….this is a really easy soup to make…..and costs a very cheap 40p per serving…whoop […]

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Fish and Chips

Last week my son and I walked past the fish and chip shop….the wavering smell got the better of him and ever since he has been begging me for a fish and chip supper. The trouble is, for the 4 of us a trip to the chippy can leave a rather large dent in my […]

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