Fish and Chips

Last week my son and I walked past the fish and chip shop….the wavering smell got the better of him and ever since he has been begging me for a fish and chip supper. The trouble is, for the 4 of us a trip to the chippy can leave a rather large dent in my wallet. A £18 dent to be precise…explaining that to a 10 year old was not an easy task….and so I took action……..

Ok so it’s requires little culinary skills for this dish but at just 80p a portion I had to record my saving!

Icelands Chunky Cod Fillets
Iceland Chunky Cod Fillets Battered

A box of Iceland’s 4 Chunky Cod Fillets…..£2.50

Homemade Chips ( I left the skins on to make it authentic like our local chip shop)

I deep fried in oil in the pan (naughty I know!)….I used about a quarter of a bag of potatoes (the full bag cost £1.59) so for this cost about 40p so with oil maybe about 50p in total

Mushy peas (I buy them from Aldi)….16p a tin

Total…..£3.16 for four people!!!

79p each compared to £4.50 each…..

I saved £14.84 and my son was taught a lesson in spending

It’s a no brainer really and he cleared his plate 🙂

fish and chips
fish and chips

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